Sunday, April 26, 2009

Peas, Puke, and Pretty Dresses

The other day we went to check on our garden and we found some cute little pea plants poking out of the dirt. I think Travis and I were more excited than the kids. I found a couple of cucumber carrots yet. Mmm, fresh peas out of the garden. Can't beat that. I'm REALLY looking forward to the cukes though. I love cukes! So do the kids, so it will be a happy day when we pick a few of those.
We are supposed to be at church at this moment. Travis has to work today, but I was prepared to take the kids by myself (like I have been the last couple of weeks). I had myself, Joseph and Connor all dressed and ready to go. Spencer got out of the shower and was getting ready to get dressed when bleehhh, he puked all over everywhere. He is now sound asleep on the floor with a bucket. I can't remember the last time he threw up. He gets so weak. Poor kid. There is no fever or anything like that so I am hoping for a speedy recovery. Travis just happened to be on Facebook when this happened and so did our Primary President, so he sent her a quick message that I wouldn't be able to teach my class. I ran over next door to our neighbors (thanks Carie) and asked her if she could teach my lesson since their son is in my class. She accepted, I handed over my prepared lesson and here we are. Joseph was disappointed that he wasn't getting to go to church, but I will teach them the lesson that he should have learned in class tomorrow for family home evening. Connor was actually happy cause then he could take his sweater off and run around in his underwear. I was a bit sad because I was so excited to dress Elizabeth in a new dress. So, I dressed her in it anyway and took pictures. One of Travis's coworkers, Brenda, got her the dress. It's a beautiful dress. I LOVE it! So, here is a picture of my baby girl in her latest dress.
That is our day in a nutshell. The meat in the crockpot is starting to smell yummy and we will just have to make the best of the day. We got a new little dvd in the's a cartoon about Nephi, who is Joseph's favorite Book of Mormon character, so I think we will watch that and maybe "Mountain of the Lord". The boys love that one. Connor likes to watch it with the ASL turned on. (the would be american sign language) (o:
Everyone have a wonderful week and I hope nobody gets the Swine Flu!


Rachael said...

Poor kids!!! Our kids have been sick too but not really flu symptoms. More like bad colds with slight fevers off and on. No fun! I hope he gets better soon!!!

Trudy G. said...

You can always expect the unexpected with kids! Elizabeth looks adorable in her new dress.

TaCalone said...

I'm so sorry Spencer was sick! Hope he is all better now! And I LOVE the picture of Elizabeth in that dress! She's so beautiful!
love you most