Friday, April 3, 2009

Healthy As Can Be

Elizabeth went to the doctor yesterday. Dr. Christopher said she was just a beautiful, gorgeous, healthy little baby! (duh!) She smiled at him and smiled and talked to the nurse. Then she got a whole bunch of shots and there was no more smiling. She screamed and screamed and let all of the mean adults in the room know that she was highly offended and hurt.

Her stats were- weight 10lbs 14oz (that's 50th%), height-23"(75th%), and head-15 3/4(that's 75th% and confirmation that she also has a big old Peterson Pumpkin Head like her brothers, father, and Grandma) (o:

The only thing that he wrote down was a documentation of her birthmark on her forehead because I asked him about it. Travis has one that covers his entire elbow, Connor has one that covers his ankle, so we asked if this one was going to get all big like her dads and brothers. He didn't know, so took measurements and said we would watch it. Travis just keeps saying he wishes she would hurry up and grow some hair so she can look like a girl. Bangs should easily cover the mark. (o:

We go back in 2 months for her 4 month checkup.

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