Monday, March 30, 2009

Elizabeths Blessing

First of all, I have to show off the little hat that our neighbor, Jesica Briggs made Elizabeth. She crocheted it. Isn't it cute?
So, Elizabeth's blessing was yesterday. I'm so glad I took all those glam pictures of her in her blessing dress the other day. Yesterday she did not cooperate. It was just kind of chaotic anyway trying to get everyone ready for church and stuff. The day turned out well. Travis gave a very nice blessing and she slept through the whole thing. Travis's parents and his sister Tracey came as well. After church, we came home and had dinner. I made roast and potatoes and his mom made pumpkin pie and angel food cake. It was a very nice day.
Here she is in her dress. Look closely at her right hand and you can see her little bracelet that Heather Bailey made for her.

A close up. She was getting mad at this point. Hungry and tired, but we were holding out as long as possible to feed her and put her to sleep so that she would be asleep during the blessing. (o:
Travis's mom took a couple of pictures of our family. None of them turned out fabulous. She doesn't know how to use our camera and Elizabeth was screaming by this time, but at least we got a photo to document the occasion.
This was a practice photo Travis took. Don't I look thrilled? But don't the kids all look so cute? I'm so proud of my super cute little family!


Rachael said...

Darn it, we missed her blessing! She looks so beautiful. It's always a shame when they're crying and fussy and it's "their" day. Super cute family pictures!!! I love seeing that you're stressed because of Elizabeth being sad but Travis and the boys are totally happy!!!

TaCalone said...

using dad's computer really quick to look at your blog. My goodness she's geting so grown up! she looks beautiful! could you please send me some pictures of the event. I would love to have them. take care love you all and miss you terribly