Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elizabeth's Fashion Show

I can not help myself! Every time I put my baby girl in a new outfit, I have to take a picture! I can't help myself! Travis was just commenting that our desktop was getting kind of full of pictures and needed to be cleaned off, so I am going to share some of her pictures so I can clean up the desktop. (o: What can I say? I think she's stinkin' cute! (I know, all parents say that about their kids, but since she's mine, I reserve that right)
She sees the camera and smiles now. She's gonna be a model someday!
Black and white looks good on her. I think Brenda from work got her this outfit. Nice!

If I'm not mistaken, Brenda got her this one too. It's fleece and super soft and snuggly!
She looks like her dad in this picture I think. The blanket she is laying on was made by her Great-Grandma Bobbie. (o:
I think this was supposed to be a Valentine's Day outfit, but it didn't fit until now. It's a Grandma Teese outfit.
And this little lucky ducky looks pretty cute in yellow too. Got this outfit from John at work. Man, we are lucky duckies for all the great people who gave us cute things for our baby to wear.


Mistie said...

Nothing more fun then playing dress up with baby girls :0] ~ she is beautiful!!


Rachael said...

She is so cute. Hazel has the first outfit the blue/white carters one. They'll have to be matchies one day!!

TaCalone said...

she's getting all grown up without me! Love the pictures. she's so b eautiful!!!! Can you make me some cause my computer is not available? love you most