Monday, March 23, 2009

Ode to Rachael Olson

One of the coolest people I know had a blog entry not too long ago (here's her blog http:// where she and her hubby found an old dresser by the dumpster. They hauled it in and made it into an awesome TV/DVD stand. I chuckled at first and thought, "that Rachael is a hoot!" but admired her for having the guts to haul that thing in and turn it into the cool piece they did.

Then...last night, Travis came home from work at 10pm. He took the garbage out like he always does (good husband). He came back in and said, "There is a little computer desk and a cupboard thing out by the dumpster. They look kinda nice. You should go look. So, I put on my flip flops and went out to look. They were in really good shape! The desk was on wheels, so I (very noisily)rolled the thing across the parking lot. I came in and told him he had to help me haul the thing up the stairs. Then, I cleared a space in the living room by the sliding doors (lots of natural light), pulled all my homeschool stuff out of the cardboard box that they were in, and set up our official 'school desk'. We used to have the laundry room as our classroom, but with three kids now learning, we've kinda outgrown it. So, since I have been making them do lots of worksheets lately, this desk is perfect. They get me one on one and they have a cool desk to sit at.

If you were wondering about the cupboard thing...we didnt bring it in. I'm kinda regretting that now. It's purple. My color! But it looked heavy and now it's been sitting in the rain all day. Who knows. Maybe I'll still go out and try to salvage it. And since we know half the people in our complex, it probably belonged to someone we know, so...thanks to you if you are reading this and left it.(o:

So, here it is...the desk! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration Rachael! You da bomb!


Rachael said...

That is awesome!! I love the post and the shout out. Thanks!!!

Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

I love dumpster diving. We've gotten furniture, car seats, high chairs, bed frames and more from the trash (people throw away good stuff). And I've also pulled things from the trash, cleaned them up and sold them on craigslist. We literally drive around on "trash night" to look and see what we can find. I heart free stuff! So glad you found this perfect desk!

Katharine said...

Have you ever looked at It's a pretty cool site and I've been looking at baby stuff on there lately! It's done by city/state and everything is free. And when I was single and lived in Allston I would dumpster dive all the time! Got some great stuff!