Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Things

Here are some random stories and pictures worth sharing. The first couple are funny. See, Connor loves the toy mice that Grandma Deone has for their cats, Misty and Whiskers. He's always playing with them when we go over to their house. Deone bought a new little mouse that squeaks when you bounce it. He fell in love and brought it home. Cats never even got to see the thing. (o: This morning I went into the living room and started talking. Connor said, "Mommy! Be quiet! You're going to wake up Chet!" Now, I knew that they named the little mouse Chet (after the mouse in the PBS Kids Go show Ruff Ruffman), but I didn't know Chet now had his own "house". I look in the bucket (that should be holding a billion Lego's), and this is what I found...
Do you see little Chet? Connor even let Chet borrow his super special yellow blanket!
Do you see the cheese and graham crackers? I asked why cheese and graham crackers and Connor said it was because mice like cheese and he likes the crackers so he thought he would share what he liked too. Isn't that so super cute? He has been asking to watch "Ratatouille" every day lately too. Isn't it sweet that he wants to take care of the thing? I love it!

This is a picture that Joseph took. He really enjoys taking pictures of me holding Elizabeth. She was laughing at the dog up until we got the camera out. By then she was just looking, but it was cute all the same. Oh, and for anyone noticing...yes, I'm wearing the same outfit as I was in the pictures from last week, but I can explain. That is my Weight Watchers outfit. I wear the same thing every time I go weigh in and since I had just gotten home (where I lost 6.2 pounds by the way) that is why I'm wearing the same clothes. For anyone who has tried to lose weight and gone to WW, you know the obsession of wearing the same clothes each time, or at least clothes that weigh the same amount. (yes, I weigh my clothes) Hey, this is serious business! (o: And I would concede that I'm a little bit weird except I go to my meetings and meet lots of people who do the same thing. Anyway... I didn't come here to tell you all that. Next picture!
This is my latest and greatest attempt to get the kids (including Travis and myself) to get things done around the house. I write a few chores down that I really want done, and then we all do them and get to erase the ones we do. Who doesn't love erasing dry erase off a board? Let me tell ya. Since I started this a few days ago, things are getting done. Even Daddy is getting to erase "take out the garbage". Even though he does it every day, he's now getting a little recognition. (o:
Last one. Do you remember the photos of our skeletons we did back before Elizabeth was born? You don't? Well, I would put a fancy link to that day here, but since I'm not Shauna and don't know how, I'll just tell you it was on January 28th that I showed off our school work about skeletons. Well, here is our latest study parts. This is a tracing of Joseph and he is displaying a brain, heart, lungs, stomach and intestines. (the green thing is broccoli. Joseph thought it important to have a bit of food getting ready to enter the mouth) We still have to discuss the muscles and how they are attached to the bones, but I was so proud of all this I just had to show it off. See how much fun homeschooling can be? The best part of the whole homeschooling thing is that when we talked about the intestines and waste etc, we got to say poop a bunch of times! It was awesome!

Okay, I better go now because Joseph is supposed to be in bed, but won't go until I tell him my favorite monster truck from Monster Jam. I would have to say that it would probably me Medusa since it's driven by a girl, but I also really like Grave Digger and Big Foot. Oh, sorry, I was just informed that Big Foot isn't from monster jam. What a dummy I am. (o: Does anyone else have a favorite?

That's all the randomness I can come up with tonight. I better go and get the dvd all ready to go. Travis will be home soon and we like to watch "Noises Off" and eat a snack together when he works late. He will be home soon. Have a lovely day!


Mistie said...

Your little ones are adorable! I love little Chet! Homeschooling sounds like so much fun, some days I wish I was homeschooled. I really like reading about the family.

I'll stop again soon!

Mistie :0]

Karen Howell said...

We have the same Pooh blanket (with the fringe ties and everything)! My mom made it for Josh when he was born. It was his favorite blanket. He named it "Cozy Pooh".

roster007 said...

Hmmm, white board for chores? That sounds great! I just might try it. If nothing else, it would help me remember what needs to be done.
Oh, and homeschooler?! How awesome is that? I know another homeschool mom and I'm jealous at all the stuff they learn and teach their kids. I almost FEEL like I'm homeschooling since my son's teacher sends him home with math and writing homework that he doesn't know how to do... so I end up (learning it first then) teaching him.
Love the mouse too. My son gets super attached to stuffed animals. I understand.