Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Lake

Yesterday we went to Green Lake in north Seattle. My idea to go for a walk, Travis picked the place. It was a very nice lake. It had a big trail around it and lots of people walking. We walked for about an hour. The boys had a lot of fun throwing sticks in the lake, looking at all the dogs, and exploring under the trees. Here are a few pictures of our day out.
The family before we headed out.
Travis on a dock. The boys love it when he takes them out on docks. Think they are so brave.
Exploring under the trees.
Travis walking. I had to document that he was there because he did most all of the photo taking.
Throwing stuff into the lake.
Me pushing Elizabeth in our squeaky stroller.
Elizabeth enjoying the ride.
Elizabeth had to have a small snack midway through.
In other news...I went back to Weight Watchers yesterday. Everyone seemed to be happy to see me back. I'm looking forward to losing some hip, butt and belly. (o: Travis took this of me on my way out the door. Oh, and Elizabeth was the hit of the meeting.


Rachael said...

Look at you pretty mama! You look really good!! That sounds like a fun outing playing at the lake. All Noah ever wants to do is play with sticks and throw stuff in the water, too. Silly boys!

Jamie said...

Love the pictures. Can I have that last one pig. I got the other ones but that one would not get big. Thanks love you you look great.

Shauna said...

You do look really good. I love your beautiful! (Oh, and the rest of your family isn't bad looking, either). :)