Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Connor's Art

Yesterday we went to Grandma's house (Nelson of course). Misty the cat, who Grandma swears was dropped on her head as a baby cause she's kinda crazy, kinda mean etc., was under Grandpa's chair. The kids know to leave her alone, but Connor was concerned that Misty didn't have a toy to play with. He handed Misty a toy mouse...sticking his hand under the chair, very close to the cat. The Cat scratched him as a thank you. So, today, still thinking about his close encounter with cat claws, Connor decided to draw a picture of the cat. Plus, he had to include the nice kitty, Whiskers, who is a big, fluffy, nice boy cat. He didn't know how to draw a cat, so he asked me. I drew as simple a cat as I could. Then, he copied it and made his own. Here are the results of our cat drawing session. Super cute!
Here is the cat that I drew. He had to add her "arms, paws, claws, a ball, and the thing on the far right is food."
Here is Whiskers. He drew it all by himself! Very good job, if I say so myself!

When I told him we were going to put these on the computer, he ran in and drew this picture of himself so everyone would know who Connor is. He noticed that he made a mistake and put one too many o's in his name, but said that it was ok. Pretty good for a 4 year old who hasn't sat still for more than 5 minutes in his whole life. (yep, he was standing when he drew all this)
That's my story for today. Oh, and I lost another 1.8 pounds at Weight Watchers, so that makes 8.2 in 3 weeks. Not too bad! (well, compared to normal people. Horrible if I were on Biggest Loser, which I am not, so there!)


Mistie said...

The pictures are great!! what a great job he did. Grats on the weight loss ~ I need to get my brain into the "you need to lose weight" gear.

Mistie :0]

Shauna said...

Good job on the weight loss! And I love the pictures!