Friday, March 20, 2009


Today we were out driving around and I just couldn't help think what a good daddy Travis is. Last night he was holding Elizabeth, talking to her, getting her to coo back at him. It was so sweet. He has always been great with our kids, but I can't help notice that he is more lovey dovey mushy with his baby girl. I think some of the reason is because she is our 4th baby and he's more comfortable, but I think lots of it is that she is his daughter. His little girl. He likes all the pink. (o: It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy watching him interact with her. Well, with all the kids really. I just am really grateful that I have a husband who loves his children and is such a good father to them. They sure do love him.

Here are a couple of pictures that I really like...

This is Travis when he was little. I think he said Kindergarten or maybe first grade. Wasn't he cute? I love the 70's clothes.

Here he is talking to Elizabeth. She has him around her little finger. (o:

Here we are watching some random kids softball game that we happened upon. We ate our lunch and cheered all the kids on.

Here they are in a park in West Seattle. He's not afraid to get dirty. (o:
He also loves to teach the boys things. Here he was teaching Connor how to kick a ball. I couldn't find the picture of him showing the boys crabs under rocks at the beach, but I have it somewhere. I have a ton of those kinds of pictures. He is a great dad and I love him with all my heart. We all do!

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