Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Day More

Something kind of funny that I want to remember about Elizabeth. Every time I listen to Les Miserables, she doesn't really care, but when the song "One Day More" comes on, she always stops and listens. And if I sing the little solo part of Eponine, she likes to sing along with me. It's funny how each of my kids have a certain song that whenever I sang it, it grabbed their attention. I never could plan it either. I would just sing songs until one day I noticed they loved it. Then it became their song. Joseph's was "You are My Sunshine", Spencer's was the Butterfly song by the Wiggles, and Connor's was "So This is Love" from Disney's Cinderella movie. Elizabeths is far more complex because, if you watch the video below, you will see that I can only sing a part of the song. Too many parts for just one person, but she seems to like Eponines part anyway. (for those of you non-Les Mis likers~Eponine is the one that sings that she's going to be on her own and he never saw her there)

Anyway, here is a clip that has the song. You can forward it to about 1:15 to get to her song. Oh, and PS, Shauna and Karen...every time I listen to Les Mis (and I do mean every time), I think of you two in the corn fields, singing the songs and telling me all about the musical cause I hadn't ever seen it. I picture you with a hoe singing. (o: Good times.

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MackSlackers said...

I saw this musical for the first time a few weeks ago by the local high school and they were amamzing!!! I am now addicted and my kids now know all the words just like they do to Mama mia and wicked!