Monday, April 6, 2009

Our First Nature Walk of 2009

Before I begin, I must show off this first picture. It is Elizabeth being very proud of loving her dad. Isn't she just super cute?
Okay, now, on to today. We went on our first nature walk of the year. We hit the Soos Creek Trail~which is our favorite. Since it's a few miles long and there are parking places all along it, we parked at a place we have never parked before to shake things up a bit. (o: I gave Joseph an old camera that Travis had and Spencer got our most recent old camera. The two of them took pictures of interesting things and now are working on printing them and making a book about what they found interesting about it. Joseph took pictures of pretty much normal things. Spencer was much more abstract. It actually got kind of hot and the kids were mad at me for dressing them in long sleeves. Hello! It was SNOWING here 5 days ago! Anyway, here are a few pictures~mostly the ones I took and if all goes well, there will even be a short video at the bottom.
Here are signs that spring really is here!!!
Here are the boys just starting out. They have their camera's and are ready to go.

This was when we were done. Connor wanted to hold Joseph's hand because there was a large amount of bees in the area and he needed his big brother to protect him. Isn't that sweet?

Elizabeth enjoyed the ride!

Look at those cheeks!
Remember the skunk cabbage of posts long ago? Well, we found some! It's pretty small. We kept getting whiffs of it, but couldn't find any. This is what Joseph took pictures of. Wish you could smell it too.
Here is an old stump that we all thought was interesting. All kinds of little critters call this thing home.
And here is a sample of Spencer's photo shoot. His own shadow. He liked how his shadow mixed with the shadow of the tree. Pretty cool!

Here is a little video clip of the boys. Look at how pink Connor's cheeks are. That kid gets hot so easy! That's why he runs around in his underwear all the time.


Jamie said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I loved the video. I love to get to hear there sweet voices. They are so cute. Till them Aunt Jamie loves them and give them a big kiss for me. I love you to sis..

Shauna said...

I love it! Elizabeth could not be any cuter. What a doll! I'm going to have to use your idea of giving the kids cameras on a walk. What a great learning experience! You are an amazing mom.