Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Big Trip to Denny's!

First of all, I must acknowledge that it was Fluffy's birthday on Monday. (we really don't know when he was born, so we made up a date last year when we got him) We baked a chocolate cake for the family to eat complete with a single candle (since Fluffy is only one year old), and we sang Happy Birthday! Joseph wrapped a couple of presents for him(some guinea pig treats) and it was just a lovely little celebration. Here is Fluffy with his birthday present. Please ignore Joseph's filthy shirt. He helped bake and frost the cake. Most of it got on his shirt. (o:
Okay, on to the big story. The boys have been begging us to take them to a Denny's lately. Since retail doesn't pay so well, the boys entire eat-out dining experience starts and ends at the McDonald's or Wendy's dollar menu. They never complain about this, but lately they have really wanted to go to Denny's. So, I splurged yesterday and took the boys to our local Denny's. I went by myself because Travis was working and I thought the lunch time crowd would be smaller than the dinner crowd. The boys were very very very well behaved! They were so excited to be at "Denny's Diner~Always Open!" Joseph even complimented the waiter on his beautiful Denny's. ~A small inside story as to why this Denny's has the latest and most up to date interior is because a couple of years ago, a guy got mad at another patron and went in and started shooting people. (It's not even in the hood! It's a good little area. We used to live just up the street from there.) But, needless to say, they had to replace everything that had bullet holes, so the place looks great now. (o: ~

Anyway, I printed a kids menu for each boy before we left so they could look at it in the car and decide what they wanted before we got there. When we arrived we got a corner booth. Very thrilling! Each boy got their very own kids menu, complete with a picture of all their food. (this excited Spencer immensely.) They each ordered politely what they wanted and then waited patiently for their food to arrive. Okay, well, kind of patiently. The fact that they "helped" me eat my soup while they waited made it a lot easier on them to wait. I got them the souvenier rocket cups so that they would be able to remember this fabulous trip for years to come. The best part was how much gratitude the boys showed to me and even their dad for taking them on a special lunch. I was really proud of the fact that they showed appreciation without having to be told.

(yes, I get it. We sound a tad pathetic that we don't take our kids out to eat more. Sorry. But if we took them all the time, we wouldn't have these special trips to blog about) (o:
Here we are in our special corner booth. Cool rocket cups, huh?!
All full and happy. Even the stuffed animals had a great time!

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