Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes, Another Nelson

So, whenever anyone brings me their ultrasound picture and shows it to me, I think 1.Isn't it kinda weird that you are showing me your insides? and 2.It looks like a black and white blob that I can't make out. I totally would expect people to say the same thing to me and my feelings would not be hurt a bit, since that is how I think too. I'm happy for them, of course, but ultrasound pictures make me kind of nervous. I don't want to say, "Oh, look at that cute little arm and head." and then be told that I was looking at the leg and body. Some moms (who are amped up on a billion times more hormones than normal), might take offense.

BUT~due to some requests, I am going to post my first ultrasound picture of our latest addition. I went to the doctor yesterday. I'm 10 weeks along and feeling fine.(well, actually, I have felt pretty crappy the last 5 weeks, but it's all part of the experience~at least I don't have the Shauna Jones sickness~right Shauna?) The baby is the proper size so far and its heartbeat was right on. The part that got to my heart the most was to see two little arms waving around like the kid was doing the backstroke. How can anyone question that this is a little life? I admit, I got a little gushy seeing that.

Anyway, here is the photo. I'm due February 5th, but I will be having it in January because I refuse to go over and have an 11 pound baby like Travis was. (o: I went ahead and labeled the parts so you can at least pretend to know what you are looking at. My mom-in-law says you can really tell what you are looking at from a distance. Oh, and before you ask, because it's the #1 question that we get all the time~yes, it would be nice if it were a girl, but Travis and I are just hoping for a healthy baby. We get boys and what makes them tick, so another boy would be just fine with us. A girl would be fun too. Our boys are very determined to have a sister named Elizabeth Rose (which is the name we picked out 14 years ago when we first got married). They really really want a girl. We will find this out in September.


Shauna said...

CUTE! What a cute little Nelson baby. I'm glad that you don't have Shauna Jones-size sickness, but it's no fun to feel crappy in any amount. :) Congratulations again. We're very happy for you all.

Jane said...

Congratulations Dawn!!! I hope things go well for the duration. And I secretly hope for a girl. :)

Katharine said...

CONGRATULATIONS a little late - I'm catching up now on your blog! And I ADORE the name Elizabeth Rose - its gorgeous! Boy or girl, you're going to have a beautiful baby! Your three boys are just cutie pies!!!