Saturday, July 26, 2008

Covington Days!

The next town over from us is Covington. That is the town Kohl's is in. We love Covington. It is also where our Wal-Mart and favorite library are. So, we went to Covington Days today. Travis had to work so I took the boys all by myself. We parked at Kohl's because that's where the parade started. We had very good seats. The boys loved the parade, even though it was just people walking and waving. They got some candy and frisbee's thrown at them. They thought it was awesome! Here they are waiting for the parade to start. Can you tell they are excited?
Even Joseph's dogs were having a good time.
This was a ladybug car that was part of the library group. This summer their reading program theme is all about bugs.
The city blocked off a portion of a street by Wal-Mart for Sidewalk Chalk Art. Their goal was to have the entire street covered in art by the end of the day.They do this every year. The boys had a blast 1.drawing all over the road & 2.being able to run around in the middle of the road without getting into trouble!
Here is the sun Connor and I drew.
At the fair portion, we got to visit a lot of booths and get some fun stuff. The fire department was their favorite though.
They got to climb inside the fire truck and talk to real firemen. They got little bags with pictures to color and the firement handed out firemen badge stickers to all those that went on the truck.
The last thing we did was get faces painted. They each wanted balloons. Josephs was the best. He had an adult lady that has done it before.
Spencer had a teenage girl that was kind of freaked out because she had never done it before. She was very cautious and would only give him one balloon. He didn't care.
Connor also had a young teenage girl, but she wasn't quite as shy. He was her first as well.

I think it was a lot of fun. It was very tiring. They boys are exhausted, (so is Mommy), but very worth it to me. They got to not only have fun but be a part of the community. They interacted pretty well with the people and even remembered their manners and said excuse me when they wandered aimlessly in front of people.

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