Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Fun

So yesterday we went to the movie theater by the Super Mall. Regal Cinema's do a summer family program that shows free movies all summer. Most of their movie choices this year were not favorable to us. The only ones that looked remotely good for our boys were the VeggieTales and The Bee Movie. We were a bit hesitant about the Bee Movie, but since we own the VeggieTales:Jonah, we figured we would try out the Bee Movie. Most people who know us know that we are very picky with what our boys watch. Nothing more than G rated and then even those are screened. We let them get the original 101 Dalmatians and Connor was calling everyone "idiots" and Spencer was calling all the women drivers on the road, "crazy woman driver!" (I have to admit that female drivers can be kinda scary sometimes-some at least) So, we are picky. Needless to say, Travis had the day off and I didn't have to be to work until 9pm, so off we went to the free movie. We are allowed to bring in candy during these free movies without getting the anal retentive bag check. Each boy brought a candy and a Capri Sun. We thought we would splurge and share a popcorn and pop. $12.50!!!! $12.50 for a single popcorn and pop!!! I made sure we ate every last heart clogging piece of that popcorn! So, here's another truth about us...our boys have never been to a movie theater before. Why? Well, need I remind you of the $12.50 popcorn? We just don't have the money for things like a movie theater. Jeez, the last movie Travis and I went to see at a theater was the first "Pirates of the Caribbean". Yep, that long ago. We just wait for it to come out on dvd and then put it on our Christmas wish list. (o:
Anyway, the boys had a blast. They were so excited and completely fascinated by the gigantic screen. They even did okay with the very loud sound. (no headaches for Joseph or anything) Travis and I even liked the movie. Just enough humor for grown ups in there. Connor started to get a little bored towards the end, but even he was well behaved.
After the movie we went to the church building so that Travis could enter any info into the computers. He likes to go in the middle of the week because there is nobody there to share the computer with. (he's the asst Ward Clerk in charge of membership records-a good calling for someone who has to work every other Sunday) While he did his calling, I took the boys in the gym and let them play. There were a couple of basketballs in there, so I tried to teach them how to dribble. (they know lots about football cause that's my fave, but nothing about basketball cause Travis and I do not like it~sorry all you b ball players) Connor thought it was hilarious that I could dribble and run (not a pretty picture), and Joseph thought I was ultra cool for it. (for about 10 seconds) It was fun to let them run around and we counted that little jaunt as PE for school for the day.
Tomorrow I enter into the 2nd trimester!!! I am only feeling sick sporadically now. My sciatic nerve is already acting up. Was waddling a bit at work last night. Seems like with each pregnancy the waddling comes earlier. But, waddling isn't really a good word, cause I'm not waddling due to poor center of gravity or anything like that. Just the fact that if I walk a certain way I have sharp pains shoot up my back and down my leg. This is definately my last pregnancy. I'm getting too old. (o: Otherwise I feel good. I like the 2nd trimester the best, as probably most women do.
Okay, that's enough for now. Travis enjoyed a 3 day weekend, then worked one day and then had yesterday off, so we had lots of fun. But now he has to work 8 days straight, so it's back to the old grind without Daddy. I work 3 days in the next 8. Hope everyone is having a super fabulous day. Gotta go clean the playroom now. Yesterday we found about a million ants all trying to get a piece of an old pizza bite that got left on the floor.(actually, it was sneaked/snuck~whatever~into the playroom-no food rule-and then forgotten. It fell behind a desk. Very nasty!) I love having boys!!!!(o:

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Katharine said...

May I suggest Wall-E? It was excellent - definitely rent it when it comes out. It's got a very sweet love story and the animation is amazing! BTW: Jeff and I went to see Batman and the kids behind us talked and chatted on their cell phones THE WHOLE TIME - you're not missing anything by waiting for DVD!