Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today Travis and I both have the day off. We have, in the past, taken these days and gone out as a family. Today I requested a different kind of day. First of all, Travis got up with Connor (who is up before the sun every day), and I got to sleep in. I usually get up, so this was a very special treat. I slept and slept and added some sleep to my deficit that was building. Now, they are all gone. Travis took them to his parents for a couple of hours. I can't remember the last time I requested this, but I did. He was very willing to do it. I feel guilty and kinda sad. I absolutely hate being separated from my husband and boys. But, this is out of necessity. Since I homeschool, I don't get those times of the day that most moms get of no kids and an opportunity to clean up around the house. So, my little place is spinning out of control. I just don't get as much done when the kids are around and needing me, or me needing to keep the peace. Plus, our little 3 year old (remember Travis calls him Spawn of Satan), thinks it's the coolest thing in the universe to dump out all containers that I fill. So, with him being gone, I will be able to fill several containers and put them up before he can get to them to dump. (the main reason for this is he likes to be a garbage truck and dump the dumpsters)

As I have been in this very quiet apartment, cleaning up, I have been thinking about my family and how happy I am to have them. Lately I have been reading some very sad blogs of families who have lost their little children and hearing about that Professor who finally succumbed to cancer and left his family behind. I just can't thank Heavenly Father enough for what I have been blessed with. Sometimes I get so lost in the fact that we have no money, or Kohl's hasn't promoted Travis, or my place is such a big mess, I forget what the most important things are in my life. I am married to a man that I love with all my heart. He is everything to me. And to top it all off, I have 3 little boys that bring me so much joy. Children that at one time I was told I would not be able to have. Not to mention a 4th coming to join the brood. How lucky am I? How blessed I have been.

That's all I have to say. I'm grateful for a husband who is willing to be helpful by taking away some of my "burdens". By burdens I mean cute little boys that become a distraction. I am most grateful that they will be coming back in a couple of hours and I will have gotten work accomplished.


Katharine said...

You deserve that day off! I don't know HOW you manage three kids, a husband, a job, homeschooling, and now baby #4. You're Superwoman - you must be! I can barely manage a husband and the animals!

Shauna said...

I, too, requested a day off recently. I haven't gotten mine yet, but it's still on my request list. :) Sometimes you just need a break from all those cute people you love. I'm glad you got a little time alone, (and that it's just temporary). :)

Sarah Moore Oliphant said...

That was really a beautiful post, Dawn. I think it is a good reminder to me about what is important. Thanks!

TaCalone said...

Dawnie, please tell Travis how much I love him for giving his precious wife a much needed break! He's an awesome hubby and dad! Sure am proud of you too!
love you