Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures and Videos

Here are a few videos and pictures of the past couple of days. The two videos are of Travis finally getting the army parachuter down out of the tree. We got three of these fireworks that shoot out these parachuters. Well, it was very windy, so all three got blown away. This one was at least still in the yard. Travis spent a lot of time throwing things at it on the 4th, trying to knock it out, but it just wouldn't go. Yesterday we were over at his folks and he had this idea of making a very very long stick to get it. He and the boys went out to the woods and got some sticks. Then he used a roll of duct tape and taped them all together. Here is video of the end result. (o:

Yesterday morning Connor wanted me to read to him. I read about 6 books and then I needed to get some things done. He had this Blues Clues book in his hand. I told him to go find Joseph and ask him to read it. I came into the living room to find this. I was so proud!
We went on one of the many many parts of the Soos Creek Trail today to see if we could find any insects as part of our science studies for school. Of course we found about a trillion ants. Here is Joseph and Penny looking at the ants. It was all fun and games until they started climbing on Penny.
Here is Spencer practicing his balancing.
Here is a close up I took of the ants we encountered. Are they fire ants? We didn't know for sure.
I snapped this of a butterfly that followed us for quite a while down the trail. It was so pretty with its wings open. I couldn't get a picture of it though, because, unlike moths, butterflies fold their wings up when they land.

Part of the Soos Creek branched off so there was this tiny little stream running by the trail. I just loved the look of the cold, clear water running over the mossy rocks!
I was trying to get a picture of a bee, but all I got was the flower, but isn't it pretty?

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Shauna said...

Great pictures! That's not a fire ant, but it IS a very cool-looking ant. Fire ants are actually very little and unremarkable to look at. But their bites--OUCH! You are such a good mom to take your kids on so many outings...being pregnant even. You are amazing.