Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goings On

 What have you been doing since Christmas? I can tell you what we've been doing...playing! Well, except poor Travee...he's been having to work, which makes me feel guilty, a bit...but still...isn't playing with my kids part of my job?
I know this is all blurry...but...if you look carefully, you can see that the entire table is covered in Lego's!  
This is what Spencer got. An Electronic Banking Monopoly. I have played this with him. I made a rule that the game must end in 2 hours. He beats me soundly every time.
 Puzzles...puzzles...puzzles...this has consumed a lot of my days. She refuses to put one together unless I help. Funny thing is, she wants to do 99% of it herself, but won't proceed without my presence. I'm not complaining, mind you. I actually went to Dollartree and bought her four more puzzles the other day.
I really love her little Lalaloopsy does she. Here she is playing with her Play dough. She has colored pictures and played with her little dolls here too. Best...purchase...ever!
So, everyone knows I am totally stupid when it comes to fashion. I honestly don't really care all that much. For one reason...I'm too fat to really look good in the styles of today, and also, we are too poor to go out and buy the fancy stuff. mom, she tries to get me fancy stuff. This picture was taken to send to my mom to ask her if I was wearing the shirt and scarf thingy correctly. haha. I thought at first it was a little sweater to wear over the shirt, but when I took it apart, I was like, what the heck do I do with this big giant circle thingy? Good thing I follow Mrs. Olson's blog and have seen her wear the same type thing. :-)
Lastly for the day, I signed up to do a 12 week fitness challenge. My childhood bestie who lives in Utah posted it and invited me to join. I sooo need to get my big old behind in better shape and shed some poundage, so I accepted the challenge. It started today...not a day too late! To get myself all pumped up for the challenge (and for the coming year), I broke out one of my favorite motivational books. Larry Winget tells it like it is. I like his no nonsense approach.'s to a successful next 12 weeks and to better health!

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Rachael said...

You look super cute in your scarf!