Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 5

First of all, the foam tree kit that Jingle left last night was a huge hit. Travis had to work tonight, but we had fhe without him. We talked about free agency...not the topic that I had planned, but the topic that the kids had questions about. I tied it into how we use our agency to choose to behave so that Jingle gives a good report about us. Then, we broke out the kit and all sat on the floor and decorated the little tree. After it was finished and a picture was sent to daddy, we watched Twas the Night Before Christmas (which, coincidentally is about a mouse that uses his agency to make poor choices..or as our kids say, CTW...choose the wrong!) We had hot chocolate as we watched the movie. So, in the end, we had a great night together and we really appreciate Jingle's gift.

Now, on to todays Jingle Mouse activity. Our favorite Christmas story/movie is A Christmas Carol. Travis and I especially love the George C. Scott version. I was so happy when Disney made the animated version with Jim Carrey, because it follows the classic story almost to the word, but is animated...which captures the attention of our children much more than Mr. Scott's version. (off on a little tangent here, but...last year, we even did a venn diagram comparing Mr. Scrooge and the Grinch...so interesting what they came up with)
ANYWAY! Back to Jingle! I thought it would be fun if I made it look like he had watched A Christmas Carol, so I put the dvd in the player, gave him the remote with the empty case, and made him some popcorn. I'm pretty sure that the kids will want to watch that movie tomorrow because Jingle did. I hope they do...cause I wanna see it.

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