Friday, December 7, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 9...A Day of Christmas Miracles

Tonight was the Ward Christmas party. It was so awesome! I'm not going to go in to detail until I can get all the pictures off of the camera. It's worthy of its own post.

A preview picture. IT was FUN!
Before we get to Jingle, I have to write about a Christmas miracle. Today, Elizabeth ASKED for! She had punch for breakfast, milk the rest of the day. This is huge, since milk has been a huge no no to her and the only way we have been able to get her to drink it is by trickery...meaning in the middle of the night when she's dead to the world and drinks by reflex. Today, however, she asked for it, and received it. the church dinner, we gave her her own plate of food. She did not eat, but had fun cutting everything into tiny pieces with her plastic knife. We really hoped she would eat...but, then a special visitor came, dressed in red. He gave her a little bag of candy. In this bag was a candy cane, a sucker, and a piece of Palmers chocolate flavored candy. As we were all standing around talking with our friends, I watched her out of the corner of my eye. She nibbled on the Palmers. She NIBBLED on the Palmers! We pretended not to see. Then she put it in the bag, and we headed out to the car. On our way home, we stopped by Safeway to get some egg nog to cheer Joseph up. (he was bummed that he was too old to go see Santa) While we waited for Travis to run in, we sat in the dark car. Elizabeth asked Joseph to open her sucker. He's smart enough to know that he should just do it without saying anything. Then she handed me the bag of candy. In this bag, was a candy cane and a tiny crumb of chocolate. "Elizabeth, where is your chocolate candy?" Pointing to the bag, "It right dare." I look..."That's just a little piece. Where is the rest?" She points to her mouth. "In hee-oh." I smiled..."Oh, you ate it. Ok." And turned nonchalantly around.

SHE FRIGGIN ATE IT! I started crying. Travis got in the car at this point, saw me, and asked if I was happy or mad. I said happy and he knew exactly why. She sucked on her sucker until we got home, (again, huge deal, because she's refused to put anything in her mouth except her sippy cup full of punch) but then threw it away, declared she wasn't hungry and asked for milk. I've never been so happy to see my child eat candy. We were just saying that even if she doesn't eat any food for a couple more days, she knows that she can eat without getting sick, and she's consuming a fair amount of whole milk now, so her weight will get back up. (her bones sticking out all over was very worrisome) It's funny how something so small could make such a huge impact on me. I've been giddy all evening since. Now we wait to see how long until food follows.

SO! In celebration, and hopefully in future repeats, Jingle Mouse is giving each child little bags of....drumroll please........Palmers chocolate flavored candy! I just happened to have some put away for use in certain stockings, but this is something that is worth dragging it out early for. Travis and I have always loved the stuff cause it tastes good, and we get a kick out of how it's not even chocolate, but chocolate flavored. Ha ha! Anyway...Jingle is hiding out on the dusty old shoe shelf in daddy's shoe with treats for the kids. Here's to hoping that treats from Santa's helper is as good as from Santa.


Rachael said...

Yay! What started the no-eating?

Dawn said...

The flu. She thought that if she ate, she would throw up, so she just stopped eating.

Rachael said...

Poor girl. I'm glad she's getting past it