Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 8 and The Battle of Wills

Today Jingle Mouse is having fun playing with Joseph's model car with a Wise Man. I can't imagine him getting in to too much trouble with a Wise Man as a buddy.

In Elizabeth news...oh that girl! She refuses to eat anything and when we try to force her, she makes herself throw up...on purpose! And it's out of complete stubborness! Travis and I discussed the need to just buckle down and not give in and make her want to eat. We aren't sure exactly how we are going to do that yet, but tonight was a glimpse of things to come. She has had nothing but punch and Gatorade today. I fixed her up a cup of milk for bedtime. When she asked for punch, I told her no, she needed to drink milk because she'd had enough punch. Oh. My. Heck! For almost an hour she screamed at us. She wanted punch! But, we refused and kept offering her milk. She refused the milk. And so it went. Travis was a huge help to me and followed her around, trying to calm her down, but also trying to wear her out. Finally, after 50 minutes, she climbed on my lap, took the friggin milk, and passed out. Holy crap! I am scared for her teen years! Ha Every prayer in the house, including over the food, now includes the line...please help Elizabeth to eat. That girl is stressing us out! And it's all her stubbornness and strong will. Heaven help, really...heaven? Are you there? Help...please. :-)

Near the end....

And in other news...we got our gutters cleaned and the toilet that was leaking in the laundry room has been fixed. The guy that came to fix it was a father of seven homeschooled kids. Awesome!

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Rachael said...

Elizabeth totally reminds me of Hazel! She not only worries us for her teen years but for having THREE girls!