Monday, December 17, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 18 and Youth

Jingle Mouse is swinging on the Christmas lights tonight! Hmmm....wonder what was in that egg nog?!

Church today was pretty cool. Although, I was totally bummed a bit too. See, I spent all Saturday night cutting out a bajillion little pieces of nativity scenes. My plan was that each child in my class would color and assemble their own nativity scene...then take them home and tell the Christmas story to their families. It was going to be awesome! But...i had to go to a special meeting for teachers and parents of the youth, so I didn't get to do my lesson properly and my children went home with a less than cool bag of paper pictures.

Anyway...I'm super thankful to Sister Honor for taking my class last minute and staying twice as long as we thought it would be!

As far as the cool parts...first off...i still get a thrill watching my oldest son pass the Sacrament. I can't watch him too much because if he catches my eye he gets distracted and waves at me. But, still, I'm so super proud of him. Secondly...the Priests sang. All four of them. It was so beautiful! Those young men really brought a great spirit to the meeting. Thirdly...(is that a word?) The meeting that Travis and I went to for two hours was awesome. Bishop Goodworth led the about an amazingly wonderful man. (and he's funny too!) The Church has a new way of teaching the youth. I'm really excited about it because I think that it's going to help Joseph grow and learn more about the Gospel. We will be able to be part of the process. It looks to be a very good change.

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