Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 6...and other business

Day 6 and little Jingle Mouse is tired of us not decorating, so he's stepping in and doing it himself. I know this will make the kids giggle!
In other business...do you like the new blog look? I had loads of fun trying out different templates tonight, trying to make it look Christmasy (is that a real word?), but still simple. I like it. Speaking of blogs and simple...I'd just like to say that I friggin LOVE the blogger app and can not believe that it never occurred to me to look for it sooner. Doh!

In other news, Lizbet is still refusing to eat solid food. So, for all those who have been wondering and worrying...here is what she gets each day. She gets 20 oz of whole milk. (2 sippy cups full)I try to get her to let me put Carnation Instant Breakfast in one of them for more nutrients, but even if she wont let me  she's at least getting her daily serving of protein and fat in. The only thing she really wants is fruit punch. So, she is getting fruit punch that is mixed with V8 Fusion light. That gives her fruit and veggie servings. She also gets some gatorade that has a dose of vitamin drops with iron. This is all she consumes. She lost almost 3 pounds at first and was very close to going under the 30 pound mark, but now that I've got the whole milk worked in, her weight is steady. She behaves normally and all of her, er, bodily functions, are normal. She just refuses to eat...even CHOCOLATE!!!! She says, "I'm not hungry." I say, "Yes, you are!"and she says, "I'll get a hairball!" ...translation...she had absolutely convinced herself that if she eats food, she will throw up...something that is so unpleasant a thought that she (and her iron will) will not let any food pass her lips! We are waiting it out, presenting her with lots of food options. If she starts complaining of any types of unusual pains, we will take her in again, but for now, it's a battle of the wills. (and she's winning!)

She's stubborn, but cute! (like our snowman fridge?)
In other other news, I have about 70% of my Christmas shopping done. I need to step up my sewing projects and also get some baking done...and probably should drag out the decorations. We are getting our tree on Saturday. That is when the real decorating extravaganza will begin! Also, our Ward Christmas dinner party is this Friday. We are so excited for it! We super duper love our ward. We are bringing salad, rolls and lemon bars. The kids can't wait to see Santa. (side note there...even though Joseph knows the truth this year...he's been awesome at pretending for the little kids)
Anyway...happy Wednesday everyone! I'm gonna go read a book and sip some peppermint hot cocoa.

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Rachael said...

I like the blog change! I hope Elizabeth gets over it soon. I feel ya with the picky eating stubborn girl (hazel!).