Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jingle Mouse Day 26..the Final Day

Our last day with Jingle Mouse. He will be leaving us until next year. He left us a going away gift. It's a lovely letter thanking our family with gift cards to Subway and a visa gift card so that our family can go out together and create fun family memories. I enjoyed doing this little project. I'm going to print all of the pictures of Jingle Mouse and make it in to a little book for the kids.

We left cookies out for Santa and even a hot cinnamon roll. Connor was very concerned about leaving a treat out for Rudolph too. (cause he feels bad that the reindeer weren't nice to Rudolph. Such a soft hearted boy)

Here are pictures of the final product before I go to bed. It only took me until 1am to get it all done!
So, Merry Christmas to everyone! We are so grateful for this holiday to remember the Savior and to show more kindness to each other. I'm looking forward to a new year!

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