Friday, October 3, 2008

The Crazy Park

This week Travis had the entire week off. (paid!) I only had to work one day. We had grand plans of moving rooms around and doing some serious cleaning. We haven't done a darn thing~except play! We spent one whole day in Seattle at the beach.
Then we spent another whole day at a park in Renton. I have mentioned this park before. We went one other time, but there were busloads of kids from KinderCare there and our boys got stuck playing on the toddler toy the entire time. We figured that since all those kids were in school now, we would have most of the playground to ourselves. We were not disappointed. We had the whole place to ourselves. We counted this as an entire day of P.E.! This park is insane. Whoever designed it must have been no older than 21. Practically everything on it spins. Most adults would be dizzy after one rotation. (I know cause I played on them. Screamed like a girl and had to sit down for 5 minutes to recover before I could walk again) So, here are some pictures of the boys having a blast playing at the park.
This is the climbing section. Nothing spins here, but it's quite the web of ropes and plastic.
In the previous picture you could see Spencer climbing. This is a big deal to him and one reason we like to bring them to this not so typical park. He has very weak leg muscles because of his hyper-mobility (and floppy joints), so we like to encourage him to climb as much possible, but also safely. He spent a very long time climbing this short distance. He calculated every single move, but was determined to get to that hanging banana chair. He did it and was super proud of himself!
Here is Joseph in the same chair. Took him about 30 seconds to climb up there
Connor only wanted to try the lower chairs.
Here is one of the spinning items. You stand on it and it starts going. It's actually the mildest spinner. I got on the really crazy one and Travis even took pictures, but those have promptly been burnt because no man should have to be punished for looking at those scary things.

We were also impressed with Spencers balancing. It's getting a lot better. This thing he's standing on wobbles. Then there is a long bench looking item (the blue at the bottom) that looks stable, but once you stand on it, it wobbles as well. He didn't try the bench. The triangle was enough.

Connor had to go over to the toddler side for just a bit to play on the more traditional toys~especially the slide. He went down the slide a dozen times and then headed back over to the big boy side.
And what were the parents doing during all this fun????

Mommy was playing on all the crazy toys. (hope baby Elizabeth didn't mind) This is the only picture allowed of my big old self on those toys!

And Daddy, well, this picture speaks for itself. Although, I admit, he was the photographer of most these fabulous pictures as well. (o:

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