Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Final Product

I promised I would post our finished Jack-O-Lantern. I'm sure glad we only got one cause that was a lot of work to carve that sucker. It was so thick I had to use a monster knife to carve through. I let the boys each choose a part of the face and tell me what they wanted me to do. Joseph actually chose round eyes, Spencer a triangle nose, and Connor wanted the smile to have 3 teeth. So, here are the carving photos! (o:
I made orange popcorn balls before we carved so that we would have a treat after all our work. They were yummy but Connor didn't like his teeth being sticky.
Spencer got to do the honorary pulling of the top this year. Joseph ended up having to help him cause that puppy didn't want to come off.
Everyone got into the scooping action. Like Joseph's outfit? He took off his long sleeves because he was worried about getting them slimy. Then he decided he needed pajama bottoms because the jeans weren't comfortable.
Connor loved getting all slimy, but then he had to go wash his hands every five minutes. Speaking of outfits, notice his fancy attire? Only underwear. He would go everywhere like that if I let him!
And here is our final product. Isn't it just a fine piece of work?!

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