Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not Much to Say

Today I really don't have much to say, but felt like I needed to write anyway. We have been doing pretty normal everyday things the past few days. I have a million and one things that need to be done, but am just getting the basics in. Hence, nothing exciting to report. Oh, unless of course you consider the fact the we bought our first EGG NOG of the season!!! It was at Wal-Mart and a splurge very much worth it! We are big time egg nog lovers in this house and have been known in the past to drink it till we were sick. (don't recommend that one)

Tonight I set the Lowest Prices of the Season sale at work, so if you like shopping at Kohl's, starting tomorrow we will be having our last big sale before the holidays. It will be my last really big set before I quit. I'm leaving work on the first of November. Tonight will be a doozy. We change pretty much every single sign in the store. It takes a long time for 8-9 people to do the entire store. (I'll be home by 2am- I'm hoping)

Umm, not much else. I don't even have anything to report about baby Elizabeth because my doctor is on vacation this week, which is when I would be going, so for a report you will have to wait until next week. I think my appointment is on Tuesday, or Thursday. I do feel her kicking around and Connor is very protective of her already. I'm at 6 months now, so we are just cruising along. What does my little widget say? 107 days left? Remember when I was so excited to get into the 100's~and now I'm almost out of those. Very exciting!

OKAY~here is something that we did this morning. After my first post I went out in the living room and the boys had our tool box out and were pretending to fix things. I told them to go and get the old boards from the back closet and they can hammer those. So, they got the boards and started hammering away. Connor was so cute to watch. He saw, on a Curious George episode, George used pliers to hold the nail while he hammered, so Connor spent a good 5 minutes trying to get the nail in the, actually, I think it was an adjustable wrench that he was using. Then he hammered away and was very proud of himself. Here are the pictures.

I love the double hand action with the hammer.

Joseph had to be reminded not to hammer all the way through down into the floor.

(this all happened this morning so--don't ya love Spencer's morning hair?) Spencer didn't want to hammer, but was in charge of holding boards and telling his brothers ideas of what they could build. They ended up doing nothing more than hammering nails and then taking them out again, but they had a lot of fun and we can count this as shop class for school, right?


Coleman Family said...

I love egg nog! I didn't realize it was for sale yet! Isn't fall the best?

OlsonFamily said...

That is a really good episode of Curious George. I think I've seen them all (sadly). I enjoy your blog and I love the name you've chosen for baby Elizabeth.