Wednesday, October 8, 2008

They are Listening!

I'm getting ready to go do some math work with Spencer. I asked him to wait at the table for me while I printed a new worksheet out for him. I can hear the conversation out there between Spencer and Connor. It's so cute. Spencer grabbed our Leap Pad teaching globe while he waits for me. (mom, you're getting your money's worth on that globe) Here's what they are saying.

Spencer."Come here Connor and I will teach you something interesting."
Connor. "Okay, you can show me."
Spencer. "Let's see. Would you like to know how many people are in China?"
Connor~very enthusiastically. "Yes!"
Spencer. You see, China is this large country here. Mommy said they have a lot of people that live there. Remember the Olympics were there?"
Connor chanting."USA! USA!"

Another quick story, then I must go teach math. The other day I was on the phone a lot talking to my family. My sister, Bobbie and her kids are going to go stay with my brother, David, for a short time while Bobbie's husband sells their little house. We were just talking about this move and the details etc. The boys wanted to know who I was talking to and why I was discussing "moving". I explained to the boys that we weren't moving, but Bobbie was and telling them that at the moment, their aunt Bobbie and cousins, Max and Mckenzie were getting ready to move to Uncle Davids for a little bit and so right now they didn't really have beds and toys etc. because they have to sell their house. Spencer felt very bad that their cousins didn't have all of their toys with them. Joseph sat there looking at me for a moment and then said, "Oh, I get it. They are nomads!"

Now, this is kind of a funny statement in itself, but to me it's priceless because a couple of weeks ago we talked all about nomads in our history lessons. Sometimes I really don't think they are listening to me at all. It's kinda cool how they pop out these little tidbits to show me that they really do hear what I say and it sticks in their brains. Wahoo!

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