Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Activities (so far)

So the last couple of days we have had some Halloween type fun. Yesterday I took the boys out to a patch and let them choose a sugar pumpkin each to take with us to the pumpkin painting party at Jenkins Creek Elementary. We have some friends that are PTA there and one in particular that organized most of the thing, so we went. Plus we feel it's important to take our homeschooled boys out to be involved with other kids and see the public school atmosphere. (they informed me that they still want homeschool though) So, last night we did the party, and then this morning we did the pumpkin patch. We decided to just get one big pumpkin this year to carve because they got to paint pumpkins last night. They ended up getting each a tiny mini pumpkin to draw on, but we only got one pumpkin. It was a doozy! 41 pounds. So, here are pictures of the past couple of days. We'll post pictures of the final Jack 0 lantern as soon as it's done. I'm trying to convince the kids to let me do a fancy creative face, but they are insisting on the boring old triangle eyes like on Charlie Brown.
Waiting in line to go into the "bat cave" for a cake walk. Joseph won a cupcake!
Travis has had this shirt for years. I love it! He wears it every year and calls it his costume. I think he got it the year after I made him dress up with me like McDonalds french fries. I think he was so embarrassed that he got this shirt to be able to say he had something to wear and so that I couldn't make him do tights again.
They were very intent with their painting.Except Spencer who spent almost the whole time concerned about the paint on his fingers.
Connor loved doing this!!!

They were originally going to just be cowboys, but we got badges and plastic guns. (gasp! I know. I put them away immediately after we came home. Thing is, they knew just what to do with the things and we never have guns in the house. It's a built in boy thing) Needless to say they decided that they weren't cowboys, but Deputy Sheriff's like their Uncle Nate.

The Pumpkin Patch
I don't think they will fit on this together next year.

They were heavy!
Miss Preggers. Nice "baby bump", eh?

Cool Joseph.

Connor was convinced that we should get this green pumpkin with the giant slash through it. He carried it around for quite a while and it was heavy! We convinced him a giant orange pumpkin would be best.
Spencer thinking. I love the hands in the pocket.he looks like this alot.

Here is Travis with our perfect pumpking! It was heavy! Weighed about the same as Connor!
Joseph got tired of waiting in line so he took a break. I ended up taking him over and letting them all pick out an ear of corn from their giant bins. Some of the sweetest, most yummy corn on the cob you will ever eat!

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MackSlackers said...

I love the pumpkin patch! I think I'm going to have to post our pics now. WHat are the boys being for halloween?