Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A quick funny story before we head out to check on the growth of the baby ducks by the library...

The other day when we went out to Seattle Spencer brought home an entire bucket of little rocks and pieces of bark and wood. Every time I vacuum now I have to carefully check the floor around the tables to make sure that there are no rocks that could kill my poor vacuum cleaner. These kids have been very clever with their rocks and sticks. Making pretend rock slides on their train tracks, pretend paving of roads, building fences and bridges...the list goes on, but these things are a pain for me. I was expressing my frustrations to Travis and he said, "Well, some day soon they will be bringing home bugs to play with instead of rocks." I agreed and decided that I would rather clean up rocks than bugs.

Fast forward a couple of days to Saturday. We were at Travis's parents house. The boys were out back digging in their favorite little dirt hole. Next thing I know, Joseph hands me three roly-poly bugs. (or pill bugs-whatever you want to call them) We ended up handling and studying these bugs and and several others along with a nice juicy worm. Travis was right! As I was explaining to Joseph why the bugs roll up and how similar they look to an armadillo, I couldn't help but think how much fun it is to have these three inquisitive, slightly rambunctious boys. They have really helped me to leave my comfort zone on occasion and do things that normally I would never do. I love it!

So, to summarize-I love my boys! I love having boys! I am grateful that we were given three such special and very individual little boys!

The End! (o:

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