Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Handsome Little Men

Today before we left for church I looked at the boys and couldn't help but think that they were the cutest ever! They each had on their white shirts and ties and looked very much like little missionaries. I snapped a picture and then off we went. They got a lot of compliments on how cute they looked. They also got a few comments on how much they look alike. The Primary teachers give me a hard time because I dress them alike a lot on Sundays. The teachers are always calling the boys the wrong names. This is what Travis gets for joking about people who have "cookie cutter" kids. Now he has produced his own. (o:
Joseph has been asked to give a talk in Primary next week. Since it's Mother's Day, Travis's parents will be coming to our ward to see the boys sing in Sacrament meeting, so it was a big bonus when Joseph realized that Grandma and Grandpa were going to get to see him give a talk too. He loves talking in that microphone in that big room. The topic is how my spirit has grown as I learn about the restored gospel. Gonna have to start thinking about what he's gonna say. Luckily, we have visual aids thanks to Grandma Teese and Papa Clair because they gave us the Gospel Art Kit for Christmas and that has pictures for everything in it. I'll have to post the final results on that.

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