Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I can't believe how fast time flies! Today I have been working all day rearranging rooms in our home. We originally gave the boys the Master room as a playroom and we took the middle sized room. They really haven't been playing in the playroom lately~just pulling the toys out to the living room~ so I decided that they can have the middle room for their toys and Travis and I can have the big room that we so rightfully deserve. (o: I am going to have a reading corner for Travis and a treadmill area for myself. But, anyway, I was saying about time...I started working on stuff at 1:45pm and was forced to stop at about 8 to put Connor down. I could not believe how fast the time went as I was working. The boys were a great help and we just had fun doing it. We stopped for sandwiches, but then got right back into it after. I still have at least one more full day of work ahead of me because I am not only moving stuff around, but also cleaning and throwing stuff out as I go. Takes longer, but will be very nice when finished.

Another time related issue is the fact that my little baby is no longer in a crib! Today I took his crib apart and tonight he is sleeping in the little toddler bed. I can't believe he is old enough to do that! Although, Joseph was not even 2 when he went in (cause Spencer needed the crib), and Spencer was just over 2. (cause Connor was on his way) Connor is what, 30 months? Time really does fly. Well, except the first night that you put a 2 year old in a toddler bed. I had planned to continue my cleaning efforts after Connor went to sleep, but it turned into a 3 hour battle that ended just mere minutes ago. Ahh, it's all worth it in the end though. (o:

One other story. Today as I was working on the "new" playroom, Joseph came in and said,"Mom, I am so thrilled with this new playroom! It's going to be great!" He's thrilled. He's never used that word before. Then, just before he went to bed, he went in and looked at my bed (in it's new place) and said, "Wow, Mom! Your room is going to be glorious when you are finished!" Glorious???? This kid never ceases to amaze me. So cute-so priceless.

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Shauna said...

Good luck with the rearranging. Time does fly. Kind of sad, but it's so fun to see them grow and learn.