Friday, May 4, 2007


The other night Joseph was laying on the floor. I sat down at his feet. He laughed and said,"Mommy, you're all fuzzy!" I asked him a bunch of questions and had him back up and read letters on a paper, then I moved closer and closer until I was about 3 feet from him before he reported that the page was no longer fuzzy. Guess what this means? Glasses! I was in 3rd Grade when I got my glasses. I believe I was just barely 8 years old. Joseph is 6, will be 7 in September. Not too much younger than I was when everything went fuzzy on me. Yesterday I had to call about a billion different people trying to get a referral for an eye doctor (one that our insurance covers). I got a couple of different places close by us. I am going to call and make an appointment for him to go in. I asked him what he thought about wearing glasses like Mommy and Daddy~ he said "Cool, I want round ones!" Good attitude. We were kind of warned that he may need glasses. About 2 years ago Joseph got a blinding migraine (thanks to my side of the family). We actually ended up spending several hours at the hospital. They did a CT scan and found nothing. My pediatrician said that some of the indications for migraine prone kids are sensitivity to light (he's always wearing sunglasses) and sensitivity to sound. Ever since he was a baby loud sounds really bothered him. The doctor said then that he may need glasses soon. I'm not exactly sure what the connection was that he made then, but he told me to give him a call and get the name of his favorite child optometrist at the first sign of fuzzy vision. (wish it was that easy yesterday) (& we couldn't even use that fabulous optometrist)
Sometimes he tells me he doesn't want to practice reading because it's too hard. I was confused because he is really good at putting letters together and remembering sight words etc. I thought he really enjoyed the reading (he hates the numbers and counting). Yesterday, keeping in mind things are fuzzy for him, when we were doing his reading lesson, I put the book a bit closer to him and a little higher (he usually has it in his lap). I noticed that he could read it better and got less frustrated. I'm hoping glasses will help him be less frustrated.
Here is a picture of him with his beloved sunglasses. Green of course, his fave color!

As for the rest of the bunch. Everyone is all healthy and happy. The other day Travis made a very eclectic cd for us to just play whenever. He and I have had difficulty letting go of the music from our past. (we really do love the 80's!)Plus, we like a very wide range of music types, so the kids are exposed to some very interesting stuff. Today we were playing this cd and they were dancing and singing along. We had to laugh as our kids were singing to Kenny Loggins, Allen Jackson, George Strait, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Cher...The list goes on. Then after Travis left for work we listened to some Georges Bizet to calm them all down. (that's classical for those of you wondering) (o: Connor is our music man. He has loved music since before he was born. I led the Sacrament meeting music when I was pregnant with him (and still do). When I led, they have me stand next to the organ. Every time my organist, Beth, would start to play he would start moving all over the place. He's not changed since then.

Travis is doing very well at work lately. I think he really enjoys his newest role as the Customer Service Area Supervisor. He has had to deal with some crazy people, some angry people, and some thieves, but it keeps his days interesting. Kohl's is a good place and I am so grateful that we were led to there. Of course things can be tough on occasion~it's never easy all the time to have a huge group with so many different personalities working together, but I am very proud of Travis and the way he conducts himself and the example he is. He really enjoys himself there and I always say it's important to have a job that you enjoy. Now we are just crossing our fingers and praying that when he goes to the Executive interviews in July that his superiors appreciate him as much as we do. (o:

Okay, enough of the babbling. Better go do some laundry. It really has been piling up lately. I found out why today though. Joseph changes his clothes more than a teenage girl! He wakes up and dresses in warm clothes because it's chilly in the morning. Then when it starts to warm up, new outfit-cooler clothes, then in the evening-warmer clothes again (fresh ones, not the ones from the am) and then his pajamas at bedtime. I had him spend some time this morning hanging clothes up that he had only worn for an hour. Crazy kid. Can't help but love 'em for their quirky individuality! (o:

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