Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our Solar System

The boys have taken an interest in the solar system and the planets, so that is what we have been discussing in school the past week. Yesterday we made a lovely mobile of the solar system. I was very proud of them because they knew each of the planets and the order they belonged. Well, most of the planets. Joseph calls Mercury "Hercules" and they both have some sort of mental block with Uranus. They just call it the planet that spins on it's side. I think their love of this kind of stuff comes mostly from their dad. Travis loves space, weather, all that good stuff. He and Joseph were looking at pictures of space junk on the internet the other day. If you are interested in neat space pictures, visit NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day page. It is fascinating and can be very addicting. You start looking and can't stop. If you are interested, their website is

Here are a couple of pictures of our fabulous solar system mobile! I got the pattern from

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