Friday, May 25, 2007

Tall, Skinny Spencer

Just a quick note on Spencer. I took him to the doctor yesterday for his annual checkup. He has great vision and great hearing. His blood pressure and cholesterol are amazing and his iron is normal, but slightly low. He still has hyper-mobility (extremely flexible) and because of it, is considered slightly developmentally delayed in his gross motor skills. (he can't jump or run very well. The poor kid is like rubber!) Doctor isn't worried too much about it though. He told me to take him to the parks a lot this summer and have him practice jumping, but otherwise-no big deal.

He is 75% for height and 55% for weight, so he is following in his uncle David and Nate's footsteps. He is long and thin. All three of my boys have measured on the very high end for their height, but that isn't surprising since their dad is 6 feet and my brothers are over 6 feet.

So, all in all he is a very healthy little boy. He was very silly when they did the eye test and had a little audience of nurses and doctors watching him because when Nurse Anne pointed to the little pictures on the chart, he couldn't just say-that's a plus, or that's a mug- no, he had to say-"That's a mug. I have a mug with a penguin on it." Or, "that's a lower case t, or a plus sign, or a cross." Took forever to get it done. Everyone was cracking up. Then, when he got his finger poked, he jumped and then yelled, "Hey, you hurt me!" He was very unhappy. Lastly, when the shot nurse came in to give him his shot, she said, you will only be getting one shot today. Spencer replied,"I don't think so!" He was very good and didn't even cry.

Ah, Spencer. He's such a blessing to our family!

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