Thursday, May 17, 2007

PBJ's and Zoopa!

Just now I was in the kitchen watching my two year old make his own peanut butter sandwich. He has a big old spoon to scoop out the peanut butter. We use Adams all natural~it's very runny if you don't refrigerate it. (which I don't usually) Needless to say it's everywhere. Then he tried to get the jam out, but was frustrated because he didn't want to put the spoon in the jam jar with all the peanut butter on it. He tried to lick the peanut butter, but because it's kinda runny it was dripping all over his hands. Anyone who knows Connor knows that this is a problem. Connor does not like dirty hands. I finally went to his rescue, but it was kind of cool to watch him take a shot at independence. So I had to clean up a little peanut butter off the was worth it to me.

Yesterday we went to Zoopa's for the first time. I think there are only 2 in the entire state of Washington. They cater to Vegans and health nuts. I was in heaven. No, I'm not a vegan!!! BUT, being the faithful Weight Watchers member that I am (mostly), it was really wonderful. You make yourself a gigantic salad as soon as you walk in. Everything was so fresh and beautiful. Then you can partake in their other treats around the room. They have a little bakery, soup area, pizza and pasta area, baked potato bar, and dessert area. I had a little clam chowder and tried some of their baked goods. It was all so yummy. Plus, there are lots of healthy options. Tofu, ff dressings, whole wheat breads and muffins. It was great. The kids loved it because they got a slice of pizza, a little salad, and then icecream. Travis and his mom were with us. It was nice having three adults and three kids. My kind of ratio!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and if you have a Zoopa in your area, (or a Fresh Choice), I highly recommend trying it out. (

Better go. I have visiting teachers coming this morning and then I need to make a fruit salad for a party I am going to tonight.

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