Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spencer's Party

Spencer's birthday was very nice this year. We weren't going to celebrate it until today, but Grandma Nelson injured her knee (we just call her gimpy now), so we moved things up a day. We had Little Caesar's pizza for dinner and finished it off with some chocolate birthday cake. Spencer helped design the cake. We still don't understand his intense fascination with stoplights, but he loves them, so that's what we did. Speaking of stoplights, he got one for a gift from Grandma Teese and Papa Clair. It has Cars on it, as in Cars the movie. It's a lamp. We plugged it in expecting for the entire thing to light up, but no, it started flashing and acting like a real stoplight-only on weed. The kids were thrilled. We actually have it hanging on our living room wall flashing away right now. Travis said it's kind of relaxing to sit and watch. He also got lots and lots of art supplies and the living room looks like a tornado went through an Office Depot! So a big thanks to all who sent him cards, gifts, and birthday wishes. It was a great day! Joseph is now counting down the days for his birthday. He's got a while to wait. (Sep. 13)

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jamiegodwin said...

I glade to see Spencer had a good birthday, Wish we could be there to have help celebrate just know we are all ways thinkingof you and miss you guys. I loved the pictures of Travis and Joseph very cute. Love you Dawn