Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Busy Days!

The last two days have been very busy for us. While poor Travis has been slaving away at Kohl's, we have been out having a lot of fun enjoying the gorgeous weather. It has been about 70 degrees here the last couple of days which is perfect for us. People in Seattle don't deal with heat very well. I think 80 is our limit, but 70 is perfect!
I will start though, with today and go backwards. That way all of the pictures will be at the end and you can view them at your leisure. (o: Today, we took Daddy to lunch with Grandma Nelson to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. It is very rare for us to go there, so a special treat it was. Then we kissed Daddy good-bye (he had to go to work) and we headed off to the Super Wal-Mart in Federal Way. The kids love going there and Grandma spoiled them rotten as usual. Joseph especially has her wrapped very tightly around his little finger. He just bats his eyes and she's putty! We bought some very beautiful bright red carnation flowers and then took them to Aunt Kim's grave. It has been 10 years since Travis's sister, Kim, passed away from brain cancer. I didn't know her as well as her family of course, but I was able to get to know her very well her last months because we moved in with Travis's parents to help take care of her. She was a very brave soul. She dealt with everything that was thrown at her and showed all of us what a special person she really was. She was just 2 weeks shy of her 28th birthday. We are all so grateful for eternal families and the knowledge that we will see her again someday. I'm sure she is very busy up there in heaven. She was a hard worker and someone that could be depended on. After we dropped Grandma off, we came home and are now just hanging out.
Now, yesterday! We picked Grandma up just before lunch and headed off to the park. We went to the one that has the Soos Creek Trail where we have been observing the skunk cabbage. We all brought our picnic lunches (Buzz Lightyear lunchboxes included) and had lunch in the little covered area. Then we played. I was so proud of the boys because they were very polite to all of the little children that were there. Anyone who's afraid that homeschool kids are social rejects shouldn't worry. My boys talked to the other kids, helped the tiny ones down the stairs, and took turns. A woman came with her dog and Joseph very politely went up to her and asked if her could pet her dog. She said yes and he did. They had a blast. I was afraid that they wouldn't ever want to leave, but I had a secret weapon...
Toys R Us!!! I enrolled the boys in the birthday club there. They sent Spencer a birthday card last week with an invite to go shop at their store and a $3.00 gift card. So, we went to Toys R Us and turned in a little card they gave him at the service desk. They hooked him up with a crown and balloon. (see bottom picture) He used his birthday money and bought a Geotrack suspension bridge. (my little engineer in the making) It was such a fun day! Then Grandma came home with us and stayed the night. (she does this often just for fun-she even has her own bed in the playroom)
Quick funny story~the young women just knocked on my door. They are doing a Service Scavenger Hunt. I let them wash the dishes. I only had a few, but hey, now they are done. (o:

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