Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's HOT!!!

Today we were driving around town and the local bank's temperature sign read 92! 92! Hello~we are in Seattle~it isn't supposed to get that hot in May. You should have seen the people. Women running around in bikini tops and guys with no shirts. I took the boys to Wal-Mart and got them some new flip flops. People in this area aren't used to it getting so hot. We enjoyed ourselves in Wal-Mart-wandering around in the nice air conditioning. The boys thought it was great until we had to ride in our car~the car that needs the air conditioning refueled or whatever you call it. It's run out anyway. So, we drove with all the windows down, wind blowing in our hair, and "Mickey" by B*Witched blasting on the radio.

Speaking of "Mickey"~I don't believe I have ever mentioned the obsession that our family has with that song. The boys love it. They especially love playing it in the car on full blast while they clap and sing along. At first it was really cute how the boys sang along and said "again!again!" and how Joseph sang the chorus over and over while he sat at the table drawing, or hearing Connor sing "hey Mickey...pity...unustand...heart...hand...Hey Mickey!" over and over and over and over. Do you see where I am going here? It was all fun and games in the beginning, but now we are to the point (especially me), if I hear that song many more times, there will be violence of some sort. To the common man on the street, it would seem so adorable. To Travis and I...getting old. But, we know how phases go and pretty soon "Mickey" will be a distant memory and a new song will have taken it's place. (on a side note~Toni Basil came up with this song in honor of a crush that she had on Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees-everyone knows how much I loved the Monkees when I was younger-okay-still do...)

Anyway, yesterday we had a nice day over at Grandma's again. The boys will probably spend a lot of time over there this summer because they were promised a slip 'n slide this year. Grandma has a big fenced in back yard, so that will be lots of fun. Travis repaired their lawn mower and then I mowed their yard while he did the weed whacking. The boys baked cookies with Grandma while we were outside. It was a fun and productive day. Speaking of slip 'n slides~ I remember when we were kids~none of us had lots of money. Well, my best friend Shauna's dad, Leland, got out a great big piece of plastic from their shed and we just put the running hose on one end, placed it on a little hilly part of Grandma Sis's yard, and off we went. I remember we spent all day doing that. It was great fun and it didn't cost $9.97. Actually, this was wider than the original, so it would have been $19.97 cause that's what the double slip 'n slide goes for these days. (o: Happy memories.

Oh, and Travis said he would definitely enjoy a slip 'n slide, so for all of you Kohl's friends out there reading~I will be posting photos of that. (o:

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