Sunday, May 27, 2007


I thought Sundays were supposed to be a day of rest. Now I don't have any huge callings like Relief Society President, or even a teacher. I get to lead the music in Sacrament meeting and call it good. I think it's a good thing I don't have more than that, because I'm not sure I could handle more.

Today Travis had to work, so I took the boys to church myself. We have a sweet girl named Ashley that helps me out when Travis can't make it. She sits with the boys the first part while I sit on the stand. Then I go down and sit with them until the closing song. Sometimes, like today, I really don't want to leave the stand because then people would know that the little monsters down on row three belong to me. I have to admit that 90% of the time, they are very good little boys. One time not too long ago, Travis had to go up and say the opening prayer. That meant that the boys would be left alone for a brief time. Those three sat quietly the entire prayer. Couldn't believe it! Anyway, back to today. Joseph was under the bench with Connor, tickling Connor. This made Connor laugh loudly. Spencer was busy trying to tell anyone who would listen about his stoplights and cars. Poor Ashley is trying to keep them quiet. Then I go down there. I make Joseph get up onto the bench and tell Spencer to hush. I put Connor on my lap. Heather Bailey, a friend and a fellow homeschooler and my visiting teacher, (they have 6 kids) turns around and hands my boys foam stickers of trucks and stoplights. The boys start sticking them all over the place. (the entire Bailey family was busy sticking them in each others hair etc) I have to say that I didn't hear a word of what any of the speakers said. I feel bad about that. The stickers are pretty cool and it was very nice of the Bailey's to share too.

I admit that I was very excited to send all three packing off to Primary. (apologies to all of the adults in Primary) The boys love their teachers and their classes, but today when I went to pick them up...Spencer's teacher wanted to know where he got all the stickers (he had smuggled a bunch of them in his pocket), Connor's teacher wanted tips on how to keep him from climbing onto everything (ha! good luck with that), and the first thing Joseph said when he saw me was, "I was no trouble at all!" His teacher just smiled.

When we got home I asked the boys what they learned about in their classes. Spencer goes, "Umm, how about...Jesus! Yep, and Heavenly Father too!" I looked over at Joseph and he said,"I'm pretty sure we talked about Jesus too. We looked for yellow paper and Anthony told a funny joke." Brother! (o:

Needless to say, I'm still glad that we have a chance to go to church each Sunday. I'm thankful that the boys have their 90% good times, and I'm much more appreciative of the Sundays that Travis gets to come with us. Wouldn't life be so boring if we didn't have that 10% once in a while?

Well, Connor just smacked his head on the wall and is now carrying a pack of frozen corn on the cob on his head. (he didn't want the ice) I better go start dinner and wrangle the corn away from him. It's part of the dinner.

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