Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Glasses!

Went to the eye doctor today with Joseph. He said that he feels that Joseph does not need glasses. He said that at his age Joseph's eyes are still developing and that Joseph can still see small letters from a distance right now. He does want him to go back in one year instead of two years though because of the fact that both of his parents are near sighted. He has very good vision as far as far-sightedness goes. He could read the tiniest letters I have ever seen. The one thing the doctor did say he wanted Joseph to do was to wear his sunglasses in the sun because he has very pale blue eyes and he is very sensitive to the light. That was also something our pediatrician told us to do because of the migraines. The bright light can be a trigger, so we will just continue with the sunglasses.

In other news, Mallard is back to visit. For those of you who have never heard of Mallard, here is a brief history... Inside a kit on Ponds that I got from the Library, there was a mallard duckling puppet. Joseph named him Mallard. (soo original!) For one month Joseph loved this little puppet with all his heart. Then it was time to return him. There were many tears and really utter devastation! We felt so bad for Joseph because he really loved this thing. But, we had to return the duck so we visited e-bay and found a smaller mallard duck that came with the name Mally. We ordered her and when she arrived we told him that Mallard had called his little sister Mally and asked her to come live with Joseph while he was away at the library. This worked very well for a while. The other day though, he told us he really missed Mallard and would like to have him visit again. I put the kit on hold and today after the eye doctor, we went to the library and picked up Mallard. Joseph hasn't stopped smiling since we got home. Here is a picture of him and his ducklings. (pay no attention to the chocolate face)
We are most likely going to either talk to the library about purchasing this particular puppet, or finding out where exactly we can get one exactly like it. We think it will make Joseph eternally happy. (o:

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Shauna said...

I love the duck story. That is so sweet. I hope the library lets you buy it. Our kids all have the pale blue/sun sensitive eyes, too. Sunglasses are a necessity around this place! I love reading your entries. Take care.