Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We took the boys to Greenwood Memorial Cemetary where Travis's sister, Kim, is buried. Every year they have a very nice ceremony. This year was no exception. Memorial Day is very important to our family. For me, it is important because I grew up in the military. Dad in the Army, and David and Nate in the Air Force. Military will always have an extra special place in my heart. Heck, one of the reasons I married Travis is because the first night I noticed him at Ricks he was in his BDU's~having just come home from playing weekend warrior. (o: It is special to Travis because he served, his Dad and brother served (his Dad served in the Korean War), and his Grandpa Peterson was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge. We love our Military. We love our Country and we are so grateful to all of those who served and sacrificed so that can be free!

Below are some pictures of the ceremony that we went to and also a funny little shot of the boys. We went to Mom and Dad Nelson's after and had a nice little bbq lunch and the boys played their hearts out.

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